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About Services.

Consists of Transaction Funding & Exchange ―


The Transaction.

Service Buyer (You) and your private 3rd party have established a private transaction to exchange certain Performance &/ Payment; where your

  1. 3rd Party to establish Guaranty to fulfill their obligation; and in response
  2. Service Seller (USAsset) to exchange Funding ($-amount) to fulfill your (Service Buyer) obligation.

Transaction Terms & Conditions: Service Parties to establish a Memo of Understanding (MoU); then Service Buyer to pay cash of $25-Thousand USD service costs in response to a Service Seller Attorney best effort undertaking to match the MoU with a Bank Trust-Escrow Agreement; or to refund non-accountable charges to Service Fee transfer bank if Bank Trust exchange confirms Service Seller default.

The Exchange.

Service Parties & Bank Trust-Escrow, to proceed in accordance with a '3rd party, U.S.A. Bank Trust-Escrow Agreement' upon Bank Trust-Escrow confirmation of Service Buyer Service Fee escrow deposit within 3-days of executing Bank Trust-Escrow agreement, deposit of Service Fee , and deposit of Bank proof.  Bank Trust exchange sequence —


1st Proof = verify-establish the Transaction is effective to call for clear & settle with guarantors in response to a copy of account holders' instructions to Guarantor Bank confirming 'Proof of Authority to establish proof of Guaranty' to Bank Trust or 'Guarantor Bank Proof of Guaranty'; then within 7-days

2nd Clear = establish guarantor & guaranty for settle — then funds 

  • Guarantor(s) = creditworthy U.S.A. bank/institution issuer/payer
  • Guaranty(s) = legally effective instruments to direct perform &/ pay upon certain event &/ due date; then prior to Service Fee 28-day maturity.

3rd Settle = disburse to Service Buyer, funding equal to 80% of Guaranty(s) face less any 3rd party and Bank Trust charges; and balance (20±%) per Service Seller Transaction Fee pay instructions.

Exchange Terms & Conditions:  Bank Trust-Escrow to —

  •  Pay Service Seller Service (28-day) Fee 1% of the face amount of the Pay Guaranty at settle from Service Buyer deposit, minimum $150-Thousand 
  •  Pay Service Seller Transaction Fee at settle from funding proceeds, based on Guaranty 1-year maturity and 1-exchange event: plus/less any add 1%/deduct 0.5% for 28-day service periods, or add events; less any 3rd party/Escrow charges.

Default occurs if Service Parties fail to make/cause legally effective exchanges with Bank Trust-Escrow, at certain times &/ events; Service Fee balance less any bank trust charges, paid to Service Seller if Service Buyer defaults; or return balance to depositing bank if Service Seller defaults, .

Change occurs if Service Parties &/ Bank Trust agree in written change.  


The Benefits.

Quick, private, and direct with USAsset ― a proven source of funding. 

  1. The Exchange protects your sources, your privacy, your clients, and your benefits.
  2. The Exchange performance is per my and your mutual instructions! 
  3. The Exchange privately verifies 'Proof' with/between banks/institutions.
  4. The Exchange provides required facilitates to establish proof of the Transaction.
  5. The Exchange provides Clear>Settle services.
  6. The Exchange establishes 'legal compliance'.
  7. Transactions include Structured, Revolving, and Proof of Funds. 
  8. No limit on increased funding.
  9. Customized to meet your needs.

Our Funds + Your Transaction = your Benefit.

Performance is guaranteed – see About Us.





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For Accredited or Sophisticated Service Buyers Only.

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