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Transaction Funding & Exchange Services ― Phone=+1(702) 944-0375

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About Services.

Consists of Transaction Funding & Exchange ―


The Transaction.

Consists of Service Buyer (You) and your private 3rd party Guarantor exchange (i.e. buy±sell, etc.) of Performance (guaranty) &/ Payment (funds); where your

  • 3rd Party Guarantor(s) to privately establish conditional commitment(s) of Guaranty(s) with Exchange (Bank Trust-Escrow) to fulfill 3rd Party performance obligations; then
  • Service Seller (USAsset) Guarantor to privately establish a conditional commitment of Funding ($1.00 to $100+Million) with Exchange to fulfill Service Buyer payment obligations.
  • Exchange calls guaranty(s) & funding deposits for Clear & Settle.

Transaction Terms & Conditions:

Service Parties to establish a Memo of Understanding (MoU); then Service Buyer to pay cash of $25-Thousand 'USDollars' (USD/$) service costs in response to Service Seller 'Attorney' best effort commitment to match & close the MoU with a Bank Trust-Escrow Agreement.

The Benefits.

Quick, private, and direct with USAsset ― a proven source of funding. 

  1. The Exchange funding proceeds to Service Buyer is 90±% of Guaranty face amount; see Exchange Terms & Conditions.
  2. The Exchange is a U.S.A. bank facility with trust & escrow services required to fulfill transactions.
  3.  The Exchange to privately verify and confirm Service Buyer & Sellers', 3rd Party(s) proof of Conditional Commitments are effective.
  4. The Exchange privately clears funds & guaranty's withbetween banks/institutions.
  5. The Exchange protects your sources, privacy, clients, and benefits.
  6. The Exchange performance is per my and your mutual instructions! 
  7. The Exchange provides Clear>Settle services.
  8. The Exchange establishes 'legal compliance'.
  9. The Exchange confirms payments to 3rd parties.
  10. Transactions include Revolving, Proof of Funds, and multi-step Structured. 
  11. No limit on increased funding.
  12. Customized to meet your needs.

Our Funds + Your Transaction = your Benefit. 


Performance is guaranteed – see About Us.

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For Accredited or Sophisticated Service Buyers Only

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