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Transaction Funding & Exchange Services ― Phone=+1(702) 944-0375

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About Services.

Consists of Funding & Exchange of Transactions ―


The Transaction.

Service Buyer (You) and your private 3rd party have established a private transaction to exchange performance &/ payment instruments; where your 


3rd Party to exchange Guaranty to fulfil their obligation; and in response


Service Seller (USAsset) to exchange Funds to fulfil Your obligation; and Service Buyer & Seller to establish


Bank Trust Agreement to provide facilities to privately establish Proof >Clearing>Settlement of the Transaction Funding & Guaranty with/between applicable banks.


The Benefits.

Quick, private, and direct with USAsset ― a proven source of funding. 

  1.   Bank Trust protects your sources, your privacy, your clients, and your benefits.
  2.   Bank Trust performance is per my and your mutual instructions! 
  3.   Bank Trust privately verifies 'Proof' with/between banks/institutions.
  4.   Bank Trust facilitates required for Clearing>Settlement.
  5.   Transactions include Structured, Revolving, and Proof of Funds. 
  6.   1±% (minimum $150-Thousand) Service/Default Fee, escrow deposit.
  7.   Service/Default Fee balance refunded if Service Seller default.
  8.   Service Buyer to receive 80% of the Pay Guaranty face amount.
  9.   No interest on Pay Guaranty.
  10. No limit on increased funding.
  11. Customized to meet your needs. 

Our Funds + Your Transaction = your Benefit


Performance is guaranteed – see About Us.





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For Accredited or Sophisticated Service Buyers Only.

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