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Transaction Funding & Exchange Services ― Phone=+1(702) 944-0375

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About our Services.

We Fund-Finance Transactions

The Transaction.

Consists of Bank Trustee & Service Parties establishing a Bank Trust, private services required to fulfil below exchanges:

1.    3rd Party Transaction — You & your 3rd parties, have agreed to exchange certain performance & payment.

2.    Service Transaction — Service Buyer (You) & Service Seller (USAsset), to agree to exchange certain funding/financing for certain performance &/ payment; to fulfil your obligation with the 3rd Party Transaction.

The Benefits

Quick, private, and direct with USAsset, the Principal.

1.    Bank Trust–Escrow private managed — per mutual instructions!

2.    Bank Trust establishes private Proof, and Custody–Clearing–Settlement between banks/institutions.

3.    Pre-arranged facilities.

4.    Structured transactions.

5.    Revolving transactions.

6.    Proof of Funds transactions.

7.    No limit & increased funding amounts.

8.    Service Seller's Funding Fee paid from Funding &/ Pay Guaranty proceeds.

9.    Customized to meet your needs. 

10.Protects your institutions, your sources, your privacy, your clients, and your benefits.

Our Funds + Your Transaction = your Benefit

Our Performance is guaranteed – see About Us.



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For Accredited and/or Sophisticated Service Buyers Only.

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