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​rev 29May16, 18.01 mst

Transaction —  ​​​

Where transaction parties/guarantors, issue conditional commitments 'CCs' to ​communicate and accept required performance in a certain ​structure via Special Purpose Vehicle 'SPV'​ entities, formed for the limited purposes of clearing & settlement of the transaction.​ ​  ​​SPV Facility —  ​​​

Attorney having acceptable & effective performance guaranty's to receive, match, clearing of transaction & CC's, and issue CC's in response; and to open custody or escrow facilities required to settle ​​transaction ​funds, funding, property, & guaranty's under conditions:
​1st   SPV to receive $25,000.00 Service Fee via 'Service Buyer Attorney' upon receipt of SPV CC of facility response.
2nd  SPV to receive, match, & clear; Service Seller CC with Service Buyer and project/property/guaranty.
3rd   SPV to receive, match, & clear; Funds/Funding, Guarantor CC's.
4th   SPV to settle Funds/Funding.​

Service Seller —  ​​​

CC to structure ​funds/funding under below terms:
•  Service Buyer transfer Service Costs of 10% of funds/funding amount in $USD/property​/guaranty to SPV ​under condition of recei​​ving funds/funding in a​ $amount DTC BEO ​Money Market Instrument (MMI), ​​within 28±days; 
CC to structure ​fun​ds/funding under below conditions:​​
•  SPV CC of funds/funding be paid under conditions of receiving Service Buyer Guarantor CC's with timeline of tasks and clearing of vendor/guarantor​​ CC's of task & payment terms & conditions;   
​​​Service Buyer —  ​​​

CC of acceptance under ​below listed conditions:
•  List as required.

General Conditions.

•  Instructions: Service Buyer to issue this CC to Service Seller, to complete highlight items (Service Seller complete highlight items when respond to Service Buyer CC) and strike out (no delete) as need —​ add any comments —​ and return in HTML format with guarantor profile of applicable Service Fee & Costs & Funds/Funding Fee $USD/instrument — your authority or fees, passport, vCard​; and other as required.  Change of CC or attachments requires new CC.

•  Other info: When required —​ ​provide Guarantor Guaranty profile/s of any Funds/Funding, business & personal data to satisfy KYC requirements; full banking, and financial data sufficient to determine Service Buyer ability of performance & payment effective for transactions.  

Glossary — 
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End of CC.​​

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