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​​About USAsset.

It's how USAsset does business! 


About Transactions & Services.

Consist of You & Your transaction party/s establishing transaction/s — to exchange performance and payment.


Consist of USAsset (Service Seller), to exchange Funding of ($amount) in USDollars & Guaranty/s for Payment Guaranty/s via below Exchange services — under following Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions.

About requirements to do business together.

Conditions = Service Buyer/s to submit to Service Seller — email response to highlighted items and bank proof of Service Costsin exchange for a 'draft' Memo of Understanding 'MoU'. 


Terms = ​Service Attorney — after receipt of below Service Costs from Service Buyers/Transaction Beneficiary/s — to arrange exchange services between Trust & Service Party/s that match 'MoU':

Service Costs = Service Buyer &/ Transaction Beneficiary/s to pay USDollars 'USD' Service Fee option to Service Attorney to facilitate MoU with Bank Trust   

        Option1 = $25±Thousand for each transaction; or  

        Opton2 = $50±Thousand initial transaction, then $25±Thousand for each additional. 

Service Default Fee = Service Buyer &/ Transaction Beneficiary/s to deposit CC / 'USD' to Trust escrow account to pay per below Exchange > Close > Default.

Option1 exchangeCC of transaction performance after CC of transaction payment = 1% of Payment amount (minimum $100±Thousand fee) for 28±day Service Period; or

Option2 exchange = CC of transaction performance before CC of transaction payment = 5±% of Payment amount (minimum $200±Thousand fee) for 28±day Service Period. 


About Funding.

Consist of Service Seller​ Financing Service Buyer Transaction Performance Funding — in amount equal to Payment Funds — in exchange for Payment Funds at settle.

Guaranty/s = legally effective Guarantor/s Guaranty/s to make performance funding &/ payment funds — directly & automatically to the guaranty holder/s beneficiary/s @ certain time/s.

Payment Funds $1±Million to $100+Million.

Performance Funding = 100±% of Payment Funds amount. 

Funding/Funds = USD &/ Guaranty/s.

 Guarantor/s = U.S.A. bank/institution/S&P rated/NASDAQ entity/acceptable party — having services, resources, creditworthiness, etc. — effective for any required matter.


About Exchange.

Consist of Bank 'Trust' – agreements for escrow, custody, banking, and exchange services, with Service Party/s & per their instructions — then upon escrow deposit of above Service Default Fee terms and any Trust exchange costs — Trust to open exchange:

Proof = Trust to email receive, verify, then confirm to Guarantor/s the 'before' CC/s are legally effective/default — then if effective, Trust to verify the Guarantor/s 'after' CC/s; then if match, go to Clear.  If any default, pay Service Fee per below Close > Default —

Conditional Commitment (CC) = guarantor/s guaranty to exchange performance funding / payment funds — that becomes actual commitment only when one or more specified conditions are fulfilled.

Clear = Trust to facilitate the final Guaranty document/s with Guarantor/s then Guarantor/s to transfer funds of USDollars &/ Guaranty/s to Trust — then upon receipt


Settle = Trust to exchange Payment Funds & disburse Performance Funding (LTV±rate in USDollars & balance in conditional Pay Guaranty/s); less below amounts.

Interest/Discount​ = Trust to pay from Service Buyer funding proceeds = $100±Thousand minimum for any of following option/s = 13±% annual; or 1.5±% each for more than 6+, 28-day Service Periods; or 2±% each for less than 6 & more than 3, 28-day Service Periods. then

Funding Funds = Trust to pay Service Fee to Service Seller plus pay any Exchange costs deducted from Service Fee, then pay guarantor/s as agreed, then pay agreed others, then pay balance to Service Buyer/s. 

Close = Trust to close services upon settle, default, change, Service Period expiration, Trust agreement/s.

Default occurs if Guarantor/s fail to make/cause legal and effective exchanges with Bank Trust-Escrow-Custody, at certain events &/ times — if default — then Service Fee balance, less any Exchange Costs is paid to non-default Service party.

Change occurs if Service & applicable Parties mutually make written change.

Close occurs if settle or Service Period expiration — the longer time period takes precedence. 

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