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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Conditional Commitment​.
(promising action — when specific conditions occur)


To:, the Service Seller, then Guarantor after draft approval.
From: your name & email, the Service Buyer, then Guarantor after draft approval.​

About: This private document is a Conditional Commitment (the "CC") to exchange property instruments &/ guaranty's for Funds and/or Funding for Guarantor CC's of Banking, SWIFT messages, enhancement funds and/or funding, insurance performance guaranty's, Buy & Sell guarantor instruments, or other transaction services — consistent with the following terms.

Guaranty = a legally effective Guarantor's CC — to exchange performance funding for payment funds, and/or performance funds for property — directly and automatically to the guaranty holder and/or beneficiary at certain events and/or times.

  • Available Payment Funds amount $1±Million to $100+Million.
  • Available Performance Funding amount 130±% of Payment Funds amount. 
  • Funds / Funding = US Dollars, Property, and/or Guaranty's.

Guarantor = a U.S.A. ​guarantor bank/institution/insurance/NASDAQ entity having S&P rating of creditworthiness, services, resources, etc. that is acceptable and effective for any required matter.


Transactions ​​About exchanges of ​Performance ​Funds for Payment property instruments /& guaranty's; or Performance Funding for Payment Guaranty's ​— per below Conditional Commitments (CC) — under below Terms & Conditions — via Bank Trust escrow &/ custody accounts.

1st Commitment: Service Buyer Attorney Guarantor CC to pay Service Costs of $25,000 and Payment Property/Guaranty's; or pay Service Costs of 1%/not ​less than $125,000 for Performance Funds &/ Funding transactions — and

Service Buyer Guarantor CC to exchange any required documents related to the subject property, including corporate documents / resolutions and transaction documents to fulfill any requirements, and to cause a national CPA firm’s CC to audit existing property records, and maintain new corporation and transaction documents, and provide Insurance guarantor CC regarding property title and related documents — under the following terms:

Conditions: Service Seller's Attorney upon receipt of Service Costs, ​to establish Bank Trust escrow and custody accounts that match Guarantor CC's — and provide financial data sufficient to determine Service Seller's ability to Fund the transaction.

2nd Commitment: Service Buyer Guarantor CC to escrow Service Fee of 5% of Funds amount (minimum $125-Thousand) — under the following terms:​

Conditions: Trust Escrow CC to pay Service Fee less Service Costs to Service Seller's Attorney in exchange for Trust CC of Funds and/or Funding — or ​upon a Guarantor's failure to cause legal and effective exchanges with Trust, at certain required events and/or times — or ​if, Service Seller Guarantor defaults, then Service Fee balance, less any Trust Costs, is refunded to Service Fee depositor.

3rd Commitment: Service Buyer Guarantor CC to transfer Payment Funds ​​of property instruments​ / guaranty's to Trust Escrow/Custody ​— under the following conditions: ​

Conditions: Trust CC to pay Performance Funds of​ $___±M​illion after exchange ​of Service Buyer Guarantor CC of performance & payment; and to pay $___±M​​illion​ in USD/Guaranty's/Property instruments​ @ 270-day maturity in exchange for Service Buyer Guarantor CC that payees ​have provided full releases​; or

Conditions: Trust CC to pay Performance Funding @ LTV of 70% of Funding amount and 30% of Funding amount in instruments that pay 30% deposit + 2.5±% per week = 60±% @ 270±days maturity; and

Conditions: Trust CC to pay Service Seller Interest/Discount​ from Service Buyer funding proceeds = $150±Thousand minimum for any of following option/s = 13±% annual; or 1.5±% each for more than 6, 28-day Service Periods; or 2±% each for less than 6 and more than 3, 28-day Service Periods less any USD Service Costs & Fees.

Closing:  'limited' legal etc.; also see Glossary @; Symbol ± means any money more than required to be placed in corporate account; also CC is a binding agreement upon signature or Guarantor direct delivery.  Changes upon Service buyer & seller mutual approval.
: profiles of any property, business, guarantor; see info for vCard–Business Card​ at

End of CC. 

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