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About our Services.

Funding & Xchange to fulfill 3rd Party Transactions ―

3rd Party Transaction.

You have established, a '3rd party transaction/s' to exchange performance & payment — under condition — Xchange confirms the 3rd party Guarantor proof of payment guaranty/s (PoG/s) before or after you prove Guarantor funding-performance (PoF/s).  

Funding Transaction.

To fulfill your 3rd Party transaction obligations — Service Seller (USAsset) to provide Guarantor performance-funding of $1±Million to $100+Million in exchange for 3rd Party/s payment guaranty/s.

Xchange Transaction.

The Service Seller & Buyer Xchange services agreement, to be via a U.S.A. Bank Trust to provide private escrow, custody, & settle services between Guarantors.  See About Us > Benefits.

Service Period to open within 5-days of Xchange 'of email advice' of Bank Agreement mutual execution & receipt of Service Buyer deposit-transfer of Service Fee — then within 10-days:

1st Proof = Xchange to receive & establish Guarantor/s 'email advice' Conditional Commitment/s (CC) of funding-performance (PoF/s) or payment guaranty/s (PoG/s) are effective for clear-settle — sequence is to establish 'before proof', then if effective per below, to then receive & establish 'after proof' response matches below, within following 10-days:

2nd Clear = Xchange to establish guaranty/s with Guarantors; then 'email advice' guarantor/s to transfer effective USD funds & guaranty/s deposits to custody or confirm default; then

3rd Settle Xchange, prior to 28-day Service Period expiration, Xchange to disburse funding less any applicable (10±%) amounts per below Service Terms & Conditions and any 3rd party payments:

  • 100% of guaranty face amount funding to Service Buyer; OR
  • Default pay/refund cash Service Fee balance.

Service Terms & Conditions:

Service Parties to establish a Memo of Understanding (MoU); then Service Buyer to pay —  USDollar (USD) Service Costs of $25-Thousand if 'after PoG' , or $50±Thousand 'before PoG' or to leverage Service Fee — in response to Service Attorney conditional commitment to facilitate a Bank Trust-Escrow (Xchange) Agreement effective with the MoU and following Terms & Conditions:

  • Service Fee = Xchange pay from Service Buyer escrow deposit to Service Seller at closing — PoF after PoG = 1% of PoG (minimum $150-Thousand) or PoF before PoG = 5±% of PoG (minimum $300±Thousand).
  • Transaction Fee = Xchange pay from Service Buyer funding proceeds per Service Seller instructions —
    • PoF after PoG = 12% for 1-year or 6% for initial 28-days plus 1% for each 28-day service period added for either option — ($250-Thousand minimum); or
    • PoF before PoG = 18% for 1-year or 9% for initial 28-days plus 1.5% for each 28-day service period added for either option — ($500-Thousand minimum). 
  • Transaction Cost = Xchange pay from Service Buyer USD funding; any Costs due or to reimburse Service Fee paid costs.  If default, pay transaction costs from Service Fee.
  • 3rd Party charges = from Service Buyer proceeds; per Service Buyer instructions; and agreed between service parties.  

  • Rollover Fee = Xchange pay from Service Buyer funding to Service Seller — 1% ($125-Thousand minimum) of the face amount of the Pay Guaranty for any & each exchange/event after initial/first 3rd party transaction settle. 

Default occurs if Guarantor/s fail to make/cause legal and effective exchanges with Bank Trust-Escrow, at certain events &/ times; then Service Fee balance, less any transaction costs be paid to Service Seller if Service Buyer Guarantor defaults; then if Service Seller Guarantor default, return Service Fee balance to depositing bank. 

Change occurs if Service & applicable Parties mutually make written change.

Closing occurs upon default, payment of Guaranty/s, change, or Service Period expiration.

  Performance is assured – see About Us.

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For Accredited or Sophisticated Service Buyers Only

Subject to change.