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About Transaction Funding & Exchange ―



About Dealmaker/s commitments to exchange bank/institution 'Guarantor' conditional commitment/s of performance & payment, via a Bank 'Trust' exchange.



About Service Seller (USAsset) Guarantor commitment of funds matching payment guaranty, via Trust exchange.



Service Buyer–entity to submit to Service Seller, the guarantor web address & completed highlighted guaranty info with bank proof of below Service Costs and Service Fee, in exchange for 'draft' Memo of Understanding 'MoU' then acceptance of 'final' MoU before acceptance of Trust agreements.
  • Guarantor/s = the U.S.A. bank/institution (insert website), with capability, services, resources, & creditworthiness effective for commitment &/ guaranty/s.
  • Guaranty/s = legally effective instrument/s to pay $amount in certain funds directly & automatically to the guaranty holders at certain event &/ time/demand.


Service Attorney to match MoU with Bank Trust account agreement/s under below terms.

  • Service Costs = Service Buyer party/s to pay via Service Attorney upon draft MoU = $25±Thousand.
  • Service Fees = Service Buyer party/s to deposit USDollars via exchange = 1% of Payment Guaranty amount (minimum $100±Thousand) for 28±day Service Period.


About Service Attorney — to establish U.S.A. Bank 'Trust' Custody &/ Escrow account agreement/s &/ guaranty/s that match MoU; then upon execution of agreements and deposit of Service Fee; Trust to email receive Guarantor/s commitments of payment then performance.

Proof = Within 5-days, Trust to receive & verify the Guarantor Commitment/s of Payment Guaranty and establish if effective with definition/in default — then if payment guaranty is effective — within 10-days to establish matching Guarantor Commitment of Funds — then
Clear = Trust to facilitate the final Guaranty document/s between Guarantor/s; then 'advice' Guarantor/s to transfer payment/guaranty/s & performance funds to custody — then
Settle = Trust, prior to Service Period time expiration/within 5-days after receiving funds — to exchange the Performance/Funds equal to 100% of Payment Guaranty/s (Funder pays LTV±rate in USDollars & balance in Payment Guaranty/s); less any applicable fees & costs amounts. 
  • Transaction Cost = ​Trust to pay from Service Buyer USD funding; any Costs due, any costs estimated until closing, and to reimburse Service Fee paid costs.
  • Funding Fee = Trust to pay from Service Buyer funding proceeds per Service Seller instructions = 12% for 1-year or 1.5% for each 28-day service period ($100±Thousand minimum).

Close = occurs upon default, change, payment of Guaranty/s, Service Period expiration.

  • Default occurs if Guarantor/s fails to make/cause legal and effective exchanges with Bank Trust-Escrow, at certain events &/ times; then Service Fee balance, less any Transaction Costs — is paid to Service Seller if Service Buyer Guarantor defaults; or Service Fee depositor bank is paid balance if Service Seller Guarantor defaults.
  • Change occurs if Service & applicable Parties mutually make written change.
  • Close upon payment of issued Guaranty maturity or Service Period expiration — the longer period takes precedence.

  Performance is via Bank Trust  – see About Us

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For Accredited or Sophisticated Service Buyers Only

Subject to change.