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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Conditional Commitment 'CC'.
(​promising action — when specific​​​​ conditions occur)


Service Party/s.

To: USAsset Corporation, NV, the Service Seller of Funds/Funding for transactions —

From: your company name & state formed,​ the Service Buyer & Beneficiary of attached 'Guarantor' profile of Service Fees &/ Costs.


Consist of Service Buyer & Seller exchange of CC's of 'Funds​ & Funding USD$/Guaranty/s'.​​

1.   Guaranty means a Guarantor negotiable instrument to pay $USDollars upon an event/action &/ date.

2.   Guarantor means a U​​.S.A. ​– bank / institution / insurance / NASDAQ entity — ​having S&P rating of creditworthiness, and any services, resources, etc., that is acceptable and effective for any required matter.

3.   Conditional Commitment 'CC' means a Guarantor written guaranty of an action and/or earmarking of funds/funding consisting of USD/Guaranty, that becomes actual commitment when conditions are fulfilled.

​ ​  

Service Terms — ​​

1.   Service Fee = ​paid by Service Buyer from escrow deposit/Funds/Funding — 1±% each for 13, 28-day Service Period​​s = 1-year; ​or ​2±% each for 5 or more, 28-day Service Periods​; or 3±% each for 3 or more, 28-day Service Periods; or as negotiated.  (​​​13% minimum deposit, then at end of Service Period/s, refund balance less Service Fee agreed).

2.   Service Costs = $25±Thousand is paid by Service Buyer for transactions where CC of Funds/Funding LOC is exchanged after Service Buyer CC of Instrument/$USD; or Pay Service Costs of 1%/not ​less than $100±Thousand where Service Seller CC of Funds/Funding is exchanged before Service Buyer CC of Funds.​​

3.   Service Party/s & Service Attorney to exchange draft of this Conditional Commitment agreement; then make eSign of final CC; then deposit Service Fee less Service Costs —

4.   Service Attorney on best effort basis, to establish any required bank/institution services; and open LLC.

5.   Broker Fees payment by Service Buyer per private CC with Broker.


Consist of Clearing & Settlement 'C&S' services via a Bank/Institution Guarantor.​

1.   Service Party/s Guarantors to deposit CC's of Funds & Funding to LLC Custody Bank.

2.   Custody to clear and call for transfers. ​

3.   Service Party/s Guarantors to transfer Funds & Funding to Custody Bank.

4.   Custody to make settlement of Service Fee and any interest at maturity/s to Service Seller; as instructed.​​​


Instructions: Complete highlight items and strike out (no delete) as need —​ add any comments —​ and return in HTML format with profile of your authority and vCard​​.

Agreement: this CC is binding upon mutual dated eSign & exchange.

Change: is acceptable upon mutual approval by Service Parties and LLC bank.​

Other: When required —​ ​provide Guarantor Guaranty profile/s of any Funds/Funding, business & personal data to satisfy KYC requirements; full banking, and financial data sufficient to determine Service Buyer ability of performance & payment effective for transactions; and copy of Glossary applicable to this CC​.​

End of CC — eSign page & vCard per to follow.​

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